Top Posts from the Friends this Year (2022)

It’s the end of an amazing year at @folblackmountain! Thank you!!!

Your FOL Board

Sharing all of our happenings, discoveries, tips, and smiles with you has truly been a pleasure, and your engagement and support of the Friends has been absolutely phenomenal.

In reflecting back on the year, we wanted to share again with you our most engaging posts for 2022, and hope that you enjoy these as much now as the first time many readers read them.

  1. The Things We Find in Books – Susan Edwards
  2. The Things We Find in Books, Chapter 2 – Susan Edwards
  3. Helping our Library Deliver Services (HOLDS) – Melisa Pressley
  4. Chai Hot Chocolate – Michelle Ruedin
  5. Yes, We Sell Dissected Maps – Susan Edwards

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