Yes, we sell dissected maps in our library bookstore!

This was an early term for what we now know as jigsaw puzzles. The puzzle craze was at its heyday in the early 1900’s, but by the 1960’s jigsaw puzzles had all but disappeared. That changed  a few years ago, when we were all staying home due to the pandemic. Jigsaw puzzles suddenly became a pleasant way to spend a few hours or an afternoon. 

Used puzzles soon found a way into our library bookstore. There’s a donation box for used puzzles inside the library front doors, and we find puzzles there  just about  every week. Jackie, an FOL volunteer, is the wizard of puzzles. She checks the puzzles to make sure they are in good condition, prices the puzzles, and arranges them in the bookstore. They are usually priced around $3-5, and are very popular. 

So next time you want a challenge, stop by the bookstore and pick up a 1000-piece dissected map!