If you’ve strolled past the Library Container Gardens you may have thought that they are either empty or have a crop of weeds growing. Neither!

We completed a few chores to put our container gardens to bed for the winter. We pulled out the annual plants including tomatoes, beans and basil and composted the plant material. We then planted a cover crop of Austrian Winter Peas which provide nutrients to the soil, protects the soil from erosion and helps maintain moisture. These are the lovely little green plants you see growing. Thanks to our friends and partner @Dr. John C. Wilson Community Garden, for the seeds. 

Here’s A few chores you can do at home to put your garden to bed:

🌼 Pull dead and dying annuals and compost them.

🌼 If you don’t have a compost pile, consider starting one. Check out the Seed Library for a Backyard Composting flyer.

🌼 Consider leaving some flowers with seed heads in place for wildlife.

🌼You still have time to plant cold hardy perennials and trees. Check the Seed Library for a handout on fall tree planting.  

🌼Fall is a great time to clean, maintain and store your garden tools.  It’s also a good time to empty and clean pots in preparation for next season. 

While your garden rests for the winter, you can plan for spring!