Where do you meet fellow readers?  Well of course at the library. Also you may have joined a book club where you enjoy discussing books with other readers.  Or you may share books with your neighbors.  

When it comes to traveling, how do you meet fellow readers?  Traveling recently, I was looking for ways to meet people on my journey.  My delightful discovery was fellow readers who were bound to talk with you if you are in possession of a book.  They can’t help themselves…

On a plane
On a boat

Readers simply can’t resist asking what you are reading and how you like it.  (Didn’t you just lean over and ask them about the book they are reading???)  Your conversation might expand into discussions about the author, the book, your travel plans, other books to add to your reading list, and more.  So, if you are looking to meet people on your next journey, I definitely recommend traveling with a book.  It is a great way to meet and make new friends!