The Black Mountain Library: Then and Now

It was 100 years ago when our Black Mountain Library first opened its doors. A lot has changed since then. 

The library was founded in 1922 in a storage room in the Black Mountain Presbyterian Church. The initial collection comprised 50 books. In 1922, the library was open four hours per week. 

Today, the  library we know and love is located at 105 Dougherty Street, about four blocks away from its founding location. The collection contains more than 28,000 items and 87,000 items were circulated in 2021.  Oh, and the library is open 43 hours per week, plenty of time to check out all it has to offer!

For a more detailed look back, check out this article from Asheville Today which talks about the library’s history and the talk on that topic by Tom Stiles.

Tom Stiles and Melisa Pressley