Land of the Sky 101: Check this out!

Land of the Sky 101 is a community learning circle for those who are interested in an introduction to the history of Asheville, Buncombe County and Western North Carolina. A nine -part series of readings and discussions is modeled after the themes of the exhibit “An Incomplete History of Buncombe County” mounted in the BCSC

New Addition at FOL Tailgate: Succulents

The FOL tailgate table has a new item on it: Succulents! Thanks to Bryan Crews, stunning succulent plants have been added to the table. The plants provide not only a fun conversation starter with shoppers they have been a great donation raiser. The library is grateful for Bryan’s generosity and appreciate his participation in the

Yes, We Sell Dissected Maps!

Yes, we sell dissected maps in our library bookstore! This was an early term for what we now know as jigsaw puzzles. The puzzle craze was at its heyday in the early 1900’s, but by the 1960’s jigsaw puzzles had all but disappeared. That changed  a few years ago, when we were all staying home

The Things We Find in Books

Every Tuesday, FOL volunteers sort through donated books that we then use to stock our library bookstore. And every Tuesday we are surprised at what we find that’s been left in the books. A small sampling includes an old  postcard of cowboys, a Bridge point-count bidding card, an announcement of a 1949 concert with Leonard