FOL Online Bookstores

Some of you are aware that FOL volunteers manage two Etsy stores. Lyndall Noyes-Brownell is our veteran Etsy seller and manages the store FOLBlackMountain (  Laura Lunsford opened a second Etsy store some months ago, and is selling as BlackMountainReads (

Laura and Lyndall are selling vintage and collectible books that are at least 20 years old. They select what they want to sell from the vintage and antique books donated to the FOL. They research the book’s  worth, then post the book on their store along with a description and several photographs. When a book sells, Lyndall and Laura wrap the book, label it, and drop it off at the post office. Etsy deposits the proceeds of each sale into the FOL bank account. 

These two amazing volunteers currently have over 600 books listed for sale!  No books are listed for less than $10, and the highest listed  book is $1200 for a first edition of A Streetcar Named Desire.

If that isn’t impressive enough, Lyndall has sold over 900 books, and in just the

few months since Laura has opened her store she’s already sold 40 books, including a book to a buyer living in Oman, in the Middle East!

What’s the bottom line? Lyndall and Laura have sold over $28,000 worth of books thus far! These two dedicated women have had incredible success with online sales!

Thank you, Laura and Lyndall, for your contributions to our own Black Mountain Library. Your efforts are noticed and appreciated.