FOL Book Store News & Notes

Have you visited the FOL Store in the Black Mountain Library lately? Or browsed for books on our Etsy sites – FOL Black Mountain and Black Mountain Reads? It is so easy to support your local library through a purchase of a unique book, gift basket, puzzle, tote bag or t-shirt!

News Flash – You can now purchase a copy of the Dark City Poets Society Anthology on FOL Black Mountain. The Anthology sells for $12 and would make a lovely gift for your friends and family. With over 500 items on our Etsy sites and hundreds more in our physical shop, we have something for everyone. In addition to books, our Book Store will soon be stocking spring-themed gift baskets. Jigsaw puzzles are always popular – please consider donating or passing along your puzzles to the FOL. And, last but not least, stay tuned for the date of our Spring Book Sale!