The Friends of the Black Mountain Library formed in 1963 to build and later expand our library’s existing building. In its ongoing work, the Friends raise funds for books, equipment, programs and other needs not covered by the library budget.

Some members support the Friends simply by paying their annual dues, while others become more involved by donating their time. 

Our Future Goals

  • Increase fundraising for materials and programs outside the library budget
  • Continue to expand our book sale
  • Build on our vibrant literary events programs
  • Secure a sustained membership base with active programming and renewals
  • Expand our volunteer program 
  • Nuture our community to bring together people who appreciate the library and are willing to support it with their time, money, and talents.

Our 2022 Board of Directors

  • Renee Hudson: President
  • Beebe Woodside: Vice President
  • Cate Crane: Secretary, Seed Library
  • Yolanda Smith: Treasurer
  • Jane Belsches: Membership Chair
  • Susan Leive: Volunteers, Book Sales
  • Erin Bonar: Tailgate Market Coordinator
  • Sandra Jakeway
  • Emily Phillips
  • Linda Brinson
  • Melisa Pressley: Branch Manager

Contact any of our board members through our Contact Page, and simply identify the person you want to reach in the subject line. We love to hear from you!

Our 2022 FOL Board (from left to right): Linda Brinson, Erin Bonar, Renee Hudson (President), Sandra Jakeway,
Melisa Pressley (Librarian), Jane Belsches (Membership Chair), Cate Crane (Secretary), Beebe Woodside (Vice President).
Not pictured: Yolanda Smith (Treasurer), Susan Leive (Volunteer Chair), Emily Phillips